Independence Day Quotes 2024

Independence Day of United States is marked as national holiday. It is the day when Continental Congress accepted the Declaration of Independence in 1776. America chooses 4th July as their day of Independence intentionally. 4th July may not have importance for the rest of the world but this date in calendar has a huge significance in the life of every American. This day is celebrated at every level in every state of the country with devotion which shows love for country. Many celebrations take place in this regard. The celebrations start with fireworks in the night at different places. Along with huge fireworks, light shows are also arranged which illuminate every street of country with happiness. In morning, Parades are held at different places to show the power of the nation and to pay tribute to the legends. Politicians make it a point to appear at a public’s event to praise the nation’s heritage, customs, vulture and sacrifices of people. Parties are arranged with family and friends and they eat goodies and many other sweet and delicious foods. They display red, blue and white colour of their national flag in every celebration to show their love for country.