4th Independence Day of America is the huge day of joy and happiness for any nation which they celebrate it with the full of spirit and courage. Americans also celebrate this day with full of courage and make it a more memorable day for themselves. On 4th, July Americans gathered with each other and spend a federal holiday. America had got freedom from British Empire on July 4, 1776, and achieves admirable freedom for its nation. On the Independence Day American’s organize concerts, baseball games, family reunion, parades, political speeches and fireworks with many other public events.

On 4th July, the national day of America dynamic people of America makes this day wonderful with the new thinking of building their new world. And in America, you will see different people with different races and languages that are true inspiration for the nations of the whole world. They have the great will of keep closing nations with understanding and knowledge. On 4th, July American shows traditions and customs of America that are the real legacy for them.

July 4th Happy Independence Day America

Firstly 13 colonies are got separation from Great Britain on 2nd July 1776 and Americans got freedom for British rules. In the 18th century, United States was not considered the sovereign country and its states are actually having colonies status. It is an extension of England (Great Britain) but its nation has different rights, thoughts, interests and culture. These differences give the spirit of freedom to Americans and they started the struggle for their sovereignty.

America Birthday

For the memory of July 4th , Americans celebrates this day with full of courage and also celebrates a public holiday with their family. On the independence day of America, schools, offices and other institutions are closed that is the paid holiday to all federal staff. So, on this day, patriotic shows happiness that is the symbols of nationalism and patriotism.

Americans arrange BBQ functions at home and have a great family get-together that is the major leisure activity of Americans at their home. And the most symbolic event is the parades that are considered the very big event in America for Independence Day. This is the most awaited event of America after Christmas and it is the day of fluttering flags, show love to your country. So 4th July is coming soon that is the declaration day of America and we know every American are also excited to celebrate this day with full of passion and interest.